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From the Desk of Jeffrey Howard

Dear Friend,

Did you know that there is a mysterious force working throughout the Universe that allows you to create your own life and attract whatever you want into it?  This almost magical power is working right now, every moment, with every breath you take…

You have heard of the Law of Attraction, right?  It seems to be the hot topic from bedrooms to boardrooms these days; particularly with the smash-hit worldwide viral success of the movie The Secret released a couple of years ago.  But have you found that this mysterious Law of Attraction seems to work flawlessly for some, while others are completely missing out?

I’ve been studying and working with the Law of Attraction since…well, since long before they were calling it the Law of Attraction.  I realized a long time ago that this force could be directed at will as long as you were working with the right formula.  And since I stumbled across that formula a few years ago and my life has never been the same. 

Marci Shimoff


“In the Seven Days to Success with the Law of Attraction program, Jeffrey Howard has succeeded in taking any mystery and confusion out of the Law of Attraction and breaking it down into the key elements to make it work fast, for anyone. His 7-Day process is clear and simple, yet amazingly effective. And Jeff’s sound and music enhancement processes allowed me to instantly feel the connection to the forces that drive the Law of Attraction (in addition to being wonderfully soothing to hear). I wholeheartedly recommend this program to anyone who wants to immediately launch the Law of Attraction into action in their lives today!” Happy for No Reason

-- Marci Shimoff, International Speaker and NY Times #1 Bestselling Co-Author of Six Chicken Soup for the Soul books, featured teacher in the movie, The Secret and bestselling author of Happy For No Reason. www.HappyForNoReason.com


You see, one of the problems people have with getting the Law of Attraction to work in their lives is they just aren’t clear about what they want.  When I share this secret formula with you, you’re going to discover how to get really clear about what you want AND THEN I’m going to teach you exactly how to get it! 

So what do you want?  Really…what would you choose to have in your life if money was no object and there were no limits of any kind?  I ask you that question because as to learn to use the system I’m going to share with you, there will truly be NO LIMITS to what you can attract. 

From the outside looking in, you would think the people who understand this formula are creating miracles in their lives every day.  And that’s almost the truth, but it’s not a miracle, it’s just the way the system works.  And once you know the rules, you can do what these people have done…and much more, if you choose:

  • Learn how Lynn attracted a brand new hybrid SUV in only 30 days using this powerful system!
  • Get the exact formula that Tracee used to attract her dream home!
  • Find out the secret that Kimberly used to release over half her body weight and create a six-figure income in only a year.
  • And I'll share with you my personal secret and tell you exactly how I was able to attract $50,000 in only 9 days using this amazing formula!
  • Discover how you can apply this formula to attract ANYTHING you choose...from relationship to money to finding your life's purpose...and have your formula in place in ONLY SEVEN DAYS!

...and there are hundreds more stories just like these…yes, The Law of Attraction works…and in fact it’s working right now, whether you are choosing your own destiny or you’re just “driving blindly” on the wrong side of the road!

Jackie Lapin

The Law of Attraction Action Pack is a terrific tool for any serious manifestor! With its workbook, CDs and The Art of Conscious CreationDVD, it provides a multi-sensory approach to building great Conscious Creation habits, getting people into the practice of putting the Law of Attraction to work for them. It’s easy to apply and fun to do. I love Jeffrey Howard’s mastermind music as a background for guided meditation; it’s soothing and powerfully hypnotic.

--Jackie Lapin, author of best selling book "The Art of Conscious Creation, How You Can Transform the World.

So, I’ll ask you again…what do you REALLY want?  Whatever it is, even if you don’t know yet, I’m going to PERSONALLY help empower you to easily, almost effortlessly attract what you want…starting as soon as you get your hands on this closely-guarded formula for success in any area of your life!

By now, you are probably asking:
“What is this formula and how do I get my hands on it?”

I am absolutely thrilled to be able to share with you the culmination of years of research and study, and months of production work to bring you the ultimate system for creating your success using the Law of Attraction...


The Law of Attraction ACTION PACK
Seven Days to Success with The Law of Attraction

This is the most comprehensive system that I’ve ever seen to help you get to the heart of putting the ACTION into the Law of Attraction, and do it fast…starting in only SEVEN DAYS!
This action-oriented package guides you through creating your own, customized and personalized system that you will use to install a brand new operating system in YOURSELF so you can attract anything and everything you want into your life!

Here's just a sampling of what you'll receive in this powerful package:

Law Of Attraction

Four CDs, Four videos on Two DVDs and an Action Workbook packed full of information, content and personalized training, including:

  • The Seven Days to Success CDs
    • The Law of Attraction MasterMind Enhancement Music™ CD – Including an explanation of the MasterMind Enhancement Music™ process PLUS three powerful tracks that feature this special sound and music technology to enhance the effectiveness and speed to your Law of Attraction program
    • Seven Days to Success with The Law of Attraction CD - On this CD, I walk you through every day of the process, step-by-step, each day building upon the next so you put your own action plan in place at the end of seven days.
  • The Seven Days to Success Action Workbook - This step-by-step guide will take you through all the action steps you will need take each day to have your own customized Law of Attraction Action Plan at the end of a seven-day period.  Inspirational, motivational and action-oriented...designed specifically to keep you on track.
  • The Law of Attraction ACTION PACK DVDs - Four Videos on Two DVDs
    • The Law of Attraction MasterMind Movie - Stunning visual images, affirmations and the "Attraction" MasterMind Enhancement Music™ piece take you on a Law of Attraction journey to bring you into an advanced state of attraction
    • How to Create Your Own MasterMind Movie - A complete educational video on making your own MasterMind Movie to attract what you want in your life, every step, personally guided so you can customize the process for yourself - This video gives you a narrated and
    • Putting The Action Into The Law of AttrACTION! detailed presentation on the exact steps you need to take to put the Law of Attraction into ACTION in your life!
    • BONUS - Live Seminar of Putting the Action Into the Law of AttrACTION! - I almost didn't put this in but the seminar that day was so much fun and we had some surprised guests in the audience, so I thought you would appreciate seeing a version of this live seminar.
  • SPECIAL ADDED BONUS - The Science of Getting Rich 2-CD Set - This complete and updated version of Wallace D. Wattles' 1910 classic! This is a two-CD unabridged, narrated audiobook that includes my special unique and proprietary MasterMind Enhancement Music™ to help the information “stick” to your brain!

And all this is available to you now at a special price. I simply cannot keep offering this package at this price for long, so please take action to get the complete benefit of my acclaimed Law of Attraction success system…shipped to you completely packaged...no digital downloads…the entire program will arrive right at your door in just a few days...

And you get all this at the special introductory price of ONLY $297 (plus S&H)...


jeffrey howard photo

Bonus #1

Discovering Your Passion, Purpose and Personal Power using the Law of Attraction, with Jeffrey Howard (audio program)

David Childerley
Bonus #2

Breaking Through Your Barriers to Prosperity -- A powerful EFT exercise for turbo-charging your internal prosperity machine, with David Childerley (audio program).

Marci Shimoff

Bonus #3

How to be “Happy For No Reason,” with Marci Shimoff (audio program).  Happiness is the key to the Law of Attraction. 

Hale Dwoskin
Bonus #4

Releasing Your Hidden Blocks to Success (or anything else), with Hale Dwoskin, founder of The Sedona Method (audio program)

Dr. Joe Vitale

Bonus #5

Hidden Insights into the Law of Attraction with Dr. Joe Vitale (audio program)



But there is even MORE if you really want it...

Do you REALLY want to turbo-charge the process?  Do you want to have this down fast and get personalized attention in the process? 

Tom Roberts

Solomon, considered the wisest of all kings, said “there is nothing new under the sun.” However, Jeffrey Howard has taken a new look at the aphorism, "As a man thinketh in his heart so is he." James Allen taught it a century ago when he wrote: “You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.” This is the essence of Law of Attraction, which really began working in my life as a result of my work with Jeffrey’s Seven Days to Success with the Law of Attraction workbook, CDs and DVDs. Unexpected income is showing up, but more than the financial rewards, I have claimed my dreams as reality and that has lifted my self-confidence knowing I can achieve whatever I can conceive and believe.

-- Tom Roberts, Public Speaker, speaking and presentation skills coach and corporate workshop leader. www.4clearcommunication.com


Tracee SiouxWow! I've already used Jeff's Law of Attraction ACTION PACK system to
attract my perfect dream house...in only about 30 days! This program and all these great tools are really tightening up my "attraction" skills.

Check this out:  I just scored my dream Mac.  I hand-drew my dream Mac laptop on my dream board.  I put the LOA system into play and almost immediately my friend emailed me from Salt Lake City and said her friend -- in the graphic design industry -- has a pimped-out Mac with all the bells and whistles, but he wants the latest and best version. She said:  “This one is 2 years old. Do I want it for $500?”  It's my dream Macbook Pro with all the coolest software already on it.  I sent him the $500 by PayPal and the Mac was delivered to my door.

This rocks!  Dream on because dreams come true when you know how to attract them! 

Tracee Sioux, award-winning writer/photographer and girl advocate

Read Tracee's blogs, "So Sioux Me" -- http://www.SoSiouxMe.com, inspiring mothers to empower their daughters, and http://www.blogfabulous.com/.


Becky NelsonI have been excited about the Law of Attraction for months now, but not doing everything correctly in trying to manifest things into my life. With your help and coaching, I am learning so much more about the correct techniques!  You have given us so many great tools for us to be successful! The Law of Attraction Mind Mastery movies are great that you put together for us, and I especially like the Law of Attraction CD with the MasterMind Enhancement Music! That one really helps me to concentrate and relax, and get my positive imagery turned on!

Our mind is so powerful once we learn to guide those positive energies, and focus!  Your program has helped me to do that

Thanks again Jeff!!! I am so grateful that the universe connected us!


With Deep Gratitude, Love and Light!
Becky - In health, www.scmiracles.com

Read on…there’s more…

With the release of this program, I have decided put together something very special that I have NEVER offered to ANYONE before now…

...but because I know you are extremely motivated to make sure you are successful with this new Law of Attraction ACTION PACK program, I am going to offer you something extra, something special...if you act fast, because there are only a few slots available….and once they’re gone, you’ll have to wait until there are openings again…but I probably won’t offer this special price again, ever…

What if you had some help and support?

Someone to guide you through the process...

Someone to mentor and coach you...

Someone on YOUR TEAM...

To help you create your Ultimate Dream Life...

and get you to your FREEDOM DAY!

Normally, my coaching clients pay a full $777 EVERY MONTH for my Platinum Coaching package...

And if you are committed to your own success using this system, I WILL PERSONALLY COACH YOU, not just in once session but in FOUR TOTAL SESSIONS. And we will record each live session, and I’ll give you your own web page to review all your sessions, PLUS I’ll even throw in The Law of Attraction ACTION PACK - Seven Days to Success program as a BONUS, totally FREE to you….that’s right…at absolutely no charge...

Law of Attraction

That means that you get the MasterMind Law of Attraction Coaching Package, a $777 value, PLUS the Seven Days to Success program, another $297 value...ALL included at the same price.

But am I going to charge you $777 for this? I should, but no, I'm not...because I'm committed to your success and I want to hear your success story when this works for you!

So, instead of offering this at $974…it is available to you, right now, for acting quickly, at this introductory special release price of…

$974 $777  – ONLY $497!

In fact, I'll do one more thing...if you order the MasterMind Law of Attraction Coaching Package; I'll even pay for the shipping and handling for your Seven Days to Success system to be delivered right to your door!


My schedule WILL fill up quickly for this special coaching program and once I'm full, that's it, no more, I just won't have any time left...so please, if you're ready to move, don't wait, do this now.


You attracted this into your own life, and this program is about ACTION, so take action right now and let's turbo-charge your life together, with this incredibly powerful program.

So, now you have two choices (actually you have three choices…you can do NOTHING and your life remains exactly the same)...

 That's it...now it's up to you...you decide...you have the power…

Just click on the package that you want to attract now:

>>>YES - Jeff<<<
I am taking inspired action now to empower myself with the MasterMind Law of Attraction Personal Coaching Package NOW PLUS I will receive my copy of the
Law of Attraction ACTION PACK, FREE!  
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Maybe I can do this on my own so please just give me the Law of Attraction ACTION PACK without the one-on-one personalized coaching package at $297 and I'll pay my own Shipping and Handling.


Whatever you decide, I'm very grateful to be of service to you. I look forward to working with each and every one of you!

Peace and Prosperity,

Jeffrey Howard

CEO & Founder

P.S. – If you’re even CONSIDERING the coaching package…please act on this now...because when my coaching schedule is full, I really CAN'T take on any more clients until someone completes the program...there are only so many coaching hours available in my week.  I already have a pretty full schedule with my regular coaching clients…so this special deal only lasts as long as there are openings…and I’m only starting with 15 spots!

P.P.S. – If my schedule is full, the link for the special program may not work, but you can click here to email to schedule in advance for the next possible opening for Law of Attraction coaching, but REMEMBER, this special offer may not be available in the future. 

P.P.P.S. - Oh, and don't forget, as always we offer a 30-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee!